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Control. Feel. Spin.

AdTouch Racket

AdTouch Racket

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For control-oriented players who want more feel and flex, while maintaining high spin potential and stability.

Designed for intermediate-advanced players. Suitable for beginners taking the next step in their game.

  • Carbon-Flex Construction: Carbon fiber, hollow body frame with small additions of fiberglass to absorb unwanted vibration and add weight and flex in key areas.
  • Control + Spin: A compact face (97 in.²) paired with an open string pattern (16x19) provide both control and spin potential.
  • Stability + Feel: A mid-flex frame (65 RA) and thin beam (22mm) combine for both feel and stability.
This racket ships unstrung. Please refer to our string guide and recommendations.

Mains skip 7T,9T,7H,9H.
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    Balanced precision. Designed to remain forgiving, while giving players additional control. A smaller head offers maneuverability and touch, without sacrificing too much spin.

    Pocket-Feel. The thin frame and added flex allow you to feel closer to the ball and gain more control over shot placement. 

    Stable performance. The racket remains stiffer than other blade styles in the market, allowing access to power when needed and confidence from the baseline.

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Frequently asked questions

How should I string my racket?

Stringing is not something you can do yourself without proper equipment. You can take your rackets to your local tennis shop or sporting goods store.

If you don’t know what you like yet, ask for a synthetic string at 52 lbs.

Our favorite setup:
Mains: 17g Poly @ 56 lbs.
16g Synthetic @ 56lbs.

You can read our complete guide to strings here.

What is the difference between a graphite and carbon fiber frame?

There is no difference. Some brands prefer to use graphite in their terminology because it was the original term used once the game shifted materials. As the materials have evolved even further, we believe carbon fiber more accurately describes it.

Do your frames compare to other models?

Our frames are unique, but do play similar to some other rackets on the market.

The performance of our AllCourt racket performs similar to a Babolat Pure Aero, but with added feel. The AdTouch model performs similar to a Pro Staff light, with slightly more flex.

What makes your rackets different?

We use the same primary materials and manufacturing processes as legacy brands. Our frames are built for competitive play and compete toe to toe with top models.

Our approach differs in that we keep things simple. We do what works to bring equipment up to top-tier performance, but we put a greater emphasis on accessibility.

We make our lineups easy to understand, price them as affordable as possible, and don't leave you looking like a walking advertisement.

For more information on our brand, please visit our resources tab.

How are prices kept low?

We avoid including unnecessary, unproven, or experimental features that drive up manufacturing costs. This is our "simplified" approach. But that doesn't mean we sell inferior equipment. It just means that if you can't feel it, we don't think you should pay for it. Instead we focus on proven construction methods.

We also save you money by limiting marketing campaigns, player sponsorships, and ambassador programs, and we keep our margins as fair as possible.

Customer Reviews

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Dan H.
Preferred over my previous frame

I really like the feel of this racket. I tried the AllCourt too, but I like the smaller head. I still get really solid spin, but I prefer the flatter launch of this one. It feels similar to my old Head prestige but it's definitely more powerful. Very good value