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Spin. Control. Feel.

AdTouch Paddle

AdTouch Paddle

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For players who want added control and a softer feel for better net play, precision, and comfort. 

An intermediate-advanced paddle with enough forgiveness and playability for complete beginners.


  • Enhanced Carbon Fiber: 3 layers of high strength carbon fiber enhanced with a rough grit surface for maximum spin and consistent feel across the face.
  • 16mm SofCore: A 16mm thick, 6mm dense polypropylene honeycomb core designed to absorb energy and vibrations, completed with foam filled walls and handle to enlarge the sweet spot.
  • AeroControl Body: A curved, compact head helps maintain maneuverability and hand speed in the thicker frame.
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    Classically modern. AdTouch features a modern shape and materials, while remaining familiar in your hand.

    Dink City. Excel in your net game. The thicker face dampens power and increases control.

    Shot shape-ability. The maneuverable shape and textured surface provides incredible shot selection and spin.

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Frequently asked questions

Why choose carbon fiber?

Carbon fiber is known for its incredible strength to weight ratio. Currently, it is regarded as the top material for providing the best blend of control and power in pickleball.

Carbon fiber does a great job in spreading energy across its surface, which results in a super consistent feel (i.e. a really big sweet spot).

Raw carbon fiber allows for a surface type known as peel-ply grit. In this process, resins are shaped into a long lasting, spin inducing checkerboard surface which outmatches all other types of grit.

How does it compare to a cheap amazon paddle?

This level of paddle is vastly different than a starter paddle.

The biggest difference is how much more consistent it will feel even on off center hits. You won't get dead spots and weird bounces like you will a cheap fiberglass paddle, or even a low grade carbon fiber / graphite model.

Plus, you'll have better hand comfort, control, durability, and spin. It is truly better across the board.

What makes your equipment different?

We use the same primary materials and manufacturing processes as top brands. Our paddles are built for competitive play and compete toe to toe with top models.

Our approach differs in that we keep things simple. We do what works to bring equipment up to top-tier performance, but we put a greater emphasis on accessibility.

We make our lineups easy to understand, price them as affordable as possible, and don't leave you looking like a walking advertisement.

For more information on our brand, please visit our resources tab.

How are prices kept low?

We avoid including unnecessary, unproven, or experimental features that drive up manufacturing costs. This is our "simplified" approach. But that doesn't mean we sell inferior equipment. It just means that if you can't feel it, we don't think you should pay for it. Instead we focus on tried and true construction methods.

We also save you money by limiting marketing campaigns, player sponsorships, and ambassador programs, and we keep our margins as fair as possible.

Customer Reviews

Based on 3 reviews
Ben C.
Phenomenal Paddle

I normally don’t write reviews but had to for this paddle. I just got into pickleball so started out with a cheap Amazon paddle but decided I wanted something better but without the high price tag. That’s when I stumbled upon Carve. The look of the paddle is classy, not all colorful like most of them on the market. The feel off the face is great but what really got me is the grit. This has allowed me to elevate my game with more spin than I ever could achieve with my other paddle. If you are looking for a new paddle definitely give this one a try.

Mitchell A.

Great quality paddles. Very happy with our purchase!


Quality product. Fairly new to pickleball but feels like an absolute steal for this price. Best looking paddle at the courts.