Carve Sports - Who we are

Carve Sports - Who we are


Carve Sports was founded with one goal in mind: make high quality sports equipment more accessibile. You shouldn’t have to pay added costs for a brand name and marketing campaigns. Legacy brands release marginally better products year to year to get you to upgrade at a steep cost. We take a different approach.

We value performance.

We would not sell products if we didn’t believe in their performance and value to you. We use proven technology, materials, and manufacturing processes that bring equipment up to the high-performance tier. We focus on quality, and will put our products toe to toe with any other performance brand, at a fraction of the cost.

We value play.

Sports are meant to be fun. You should take pride in the equipment you use. That starts with creating products that look and feel good. 

We value affordability.

We believe in fair prices, reasonable markups, and access for as many users as possible. 

We value simplicity.

Our philosophy is to provide a straightforward approach to equipment. No gimmicks. No BS. We make our lineups easy to understand, and don’t push marketing ploys for “groundbreaking technology” that you either can’t feel, or is standard. Our technology is transparent and we will always strive to provide clarity, never confusion.


If you want to learn more about us, have questions about our products, or suggestions on how we can improve, please reach out to us at

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